Refreshers and Blue Bags

Refreshers are book collections of 5 books that RAR updates annually to reflect new, award-winning, multicultural books being recommended to us by teachers, leaders in the industry and book publishers. Each Refresher contains 5 board, laminated paperback or hardcover books with branded Raising A Reader Sticker and 1 Red Bag with Tag. Refreshers are suggested to be used to complement Foundation Sets and Supplemental Building Blocks. These sets are designed to allow flexibility when replacing and replenishing current circulating materials.

Blue Library Bags are given to students at the end of their Raising A Reader program to encourage utilizing the library with the family and caregivers once the RAR rotation is complete. These are often given to students once, at the end of the academic year or Raising A Reader rotation cycle. These are $7 each and given to each student only once.

Book collections can be comprised of board books, hardcover and laminated paperback books using Kapco© protection covers, eliminating the need for lining, corner, and spine tape, improving the longevity and shelf life for books, making the books more visually stunning.

Please call (650) - 489 - 0550 if you need any help ordering or to determine what is best for your program type.