Family Shared Reading Program


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To support the development and enhancement of home-school connections, Raising A Reader is proud to offer Family Shared Reading Program! This is an innovative way to support family literacy habits, foster the connection with your families and empower Implementers and teachers to connect virtually with families and the community. Resources for both families and Implementers/teachers include:


Family Packs:

· Six bilingual children’s books

· Response Journal

· Bilingual Shared Reading Family Guide

· Family Shared Reading Program website at that shares:

o Downloadable activities for each book title

o Virtual read aloud videos for each book title

o Virtual field trips connecting to family pack books and activities

o Videos of shared reading strategies for parents/caregivers

o Much more!


Implementer Tool Kit:

· Six bilingual children’s books

· Bilingual Shared Reading Family Guide

· Downloadable Implementer Guide

· Exclusive training (live and recorded) designed to provide an overview of the program and tips/tricks to maximize your family engagement!

If you would like to see a sneak peak of our family or implementation guide, or have questions about this offering, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at, or call us at 650-489-0550.