Book Only Collections

Raising A Reader’s Book Only Collections complement existing Foundation Sets, Supplemental Building Blocks and Refreshers. These collections contain 4-20 books and allow students to access a variety of perspectives and cultures within their Red Book Bag. Raising A Reader supports the window and mirror theory, where we have reflected these books for students to see themselves in these texts and have a window to the world through a variety of perspectives. These collections do not come with any Red Book Bags, Blue Library Bags or Parent DVDs.

Book collections can be comprised of board books, hardcover and laminated paperback books using Kapco© protection covers, eliminating the need for lining, corner, and spine tape, improving the longevity and shelf life for books, making the books more visually stunning.

Please call (650) - 489 - 0550 if you need any help ordering or to determine what is best for your program type.