PreK Spanish Classics Refresher

Book Titles

Raising A Reader’s PreK Spanish Classics contain familiar books that continue to be well loved year over year and may include titles that have been on best-selling lists for several years. Classics will not change year over year so for Affiliates looking to purchase new books, we recommend our Refreshers, which are updated annually. This set contains books that are bilingual English and Spanish.

The Spanish Classics contains the following materials:

5 Laminated Paperback or Hardcover Books with Branded Raising A Reader Sticker

1 Red Book Bag with Tag

A Spoon for Every Bite / Cada Bocado Con Nueva Cuchara Joe Hayes Paperback

Jorge El Curioso Y Los Bomberos / Curious George and the Firefighters

Ruth Spiro Paperback

Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match / Marisol McDonald No Combina

Eve Bunting Hardcover

My Colors, My World / Mis Colores, Mi Mundo

Elizabeth Spurr Paperback

My Name Is Gabriela / Me Llamo Gabriela

Richard Van Camp Hardcover