Grade 1 STEM Supplemental Building Block

Book Titles

Our STEM Supplemental Building Blocks for Grade 1 includes books in the science, technology, engineering, art and math realm for use in kindergarten classrooms. All STEAM books include bookplates on the inside covers which explain which STEAM category the book belongs in, the kind of early childhood STEAM concepts that can be found in the book, and suggestions for caregivers that can ask while book sharing. The RAR Program Model aligns with 1st grade Common Core© State Standards, including reading foundational skills (print concepts) literature (key details) language (vocabulary acquisition and use) speaking and listening (comprehensive and collaborative), presentation of knowledge and ideas, phonological awareness and book appreciation and knowledge.

The STEM Supplemental Building Block contains the following materials:

15 Laminated Paperback or Hardcover Books with Branded Raising A Reader Sticker

5 Red Book Bags with Tags

5 Blue Library Bags with Tags

5 Read Aloud Parent DVD’s

Photo of Supplemental Building Block includes a sampling of book titles.