Foundation Sets & Supplemental Building Blocks

The Foundation Set is the base to your classroom or group setting that includes a standard set of books (40 book titles for ages 0-PreK and 30 book titles for grades K-2), 10 Red Bags with Tags, 10 Blue Library Bags with Tags and an Implementer Manual. Each Foundation Set includes enough materials to serve 10 children. Book titles in each respective Foundation Set collection remain consistent year over year to ensure uniformity regardless of program type.

For every 5 additional children in your classroom or group setting, we recommend choosing a Supplemental Building Block Set to add to the Foundation Set. These include a standard set of books (20 book titles for ages 0-PreK and 15 book titles for grades K-1), 5 Red Bags with Tags and 5 Blue Library Bags with Tags. These sets allow for a customized theme, cover a variety of age ranges and literacy levels and complement the diversity of your classroom.

Book collections can be comprised of board books, hardcover and laminated paperback books using Kapco© protection covers, eliminating the need for lining, corner, and spine tape, improving the longevity and shelf life for books, making the books more visually stunning.

Please call (650)-489-0550 if you need any help ordering or to determine what is best for your program type.